GutterClear 365 ™ reduces ice damage in Winter

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Gutter Guard Comparisong snow and ice
The left side of this home has GutterClear 365™ installed, while the right side does not. Notice the formation the heavy snow and icicles on the right side of the photo.
Ice dams occur when blockages in your gutters stop or slow the smooth flow of water to your downspouts long enough for the water to freeze. During a snowstorm, falling snow fills your gutters just as much as it builds up on your roof. The snow melts first from the roof, due to the rising heat from your home and the effects of solar radiation on the darker colored rooftop. As the meltwater drains into the gutter, the combined
Gutter filter comparison ice and snow
Ice and snow are prevented from filling the gutter cavity, allowing meltwater to flow freely and preventing ice dams from forming.
accumulation of snow and yard debris stops or slows the water flow enough for it to refreeze, slowly building up a solid ice “dam” that fills the gutter to overflowing, in the process creating the icicles you’ll see hanging from a blocked gutter.

Although picturesque, ice dams can be extremely dangerous, and can lead to extensive damage and expensive repairs to your home. Falling icicles can lead to serious injury, and the frozen water on your roof can lift shingles and leak into your home causing damage to walls, ceilings, insulation and other areas.

GutterClear 365 ™ helps prevent ice dams from forming by keeping ice and snow from getting into the gutter. With no accumulation of snow and yard debris in your gutters, melt water has a clear path to the downspout. Plus, the dark black coloring of the specially formulated coating absorbs the sun’s rays, warming and melting the snow and ice to flow through the clear channel underneath.