GutterClear 365 ™ prevents insects in the Summer

Gutter Protection all Year Round

Prevents bugs Gutter Guard
Other gutter products can provide a safe, dry shelter for insects such as bees and wasps. GutterClear 365′s porous structure provides no such shelter, while keeping the gutters completely free of debris.
Most disease spreading insects need standing water to breed in. They will often breed in the free standing water in unprotected gutters and then use the unprotected gutter as an entry point into your home. Eliminating potential breeding grounds is particularly important in the control of dangerous insects such as mosquitoes, who are known to be carriers of deadly diseases such as West Nile virus. These pervasive outdoor pests are just one of many that use standing water to breed.

GutterClear 365 ™ prevents the buildup of standing water in your gutters, thus eliminating the possible breeding ground for these pests, and the potential entry point into your home. Also, GutterClear 365 ™’s specially formulated coating includes biocide and fungicide agents which inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew, which are common food sources for insects and pests.