GutterClear 365 ™ improves water flow in the Spring

Gutter Protection all Year Round

Downpours gutter filter GutterClear 365
Water flows right through GutterClear 365™, even during torrential downpours and heavy thunderstorms.
Catching and directing water flowing off of a roof to a designated area is the purpose of gutters, and it’s a job they do extremely well. Unfortunately, gutters are also very good at catching things besides water runoff, such as leaves, sticks, acorns, seed pods and other kinds of yard debris. Unimpeded water flow is the key to properly performing gutters, but the accumulation of yard debris can quickly deteriorate the effectiveness of gutters to the point of failure to drain away any water at all.

GutterClear 365 ™ completely prevents debris from entering inside the gutter, allowing the gutter to perform at maximum effectiveness. GutterClear 365 ™ completely closes off the opening to the gutters, yet is also completely porous, dampening and smoothing the flow of water into the gutter. The unique shape of GutterClear 365 ™ further contributes to optimum performance, with a wide open, completely clear channel underneath for water to flow through the gutters to the downspouts.